A Remarkable


WorldWide Tattoo started off manufacturing needles under the name of TCM Supply back in 1988.

The owner William Lee began producing acupuncture needles and was the first American to open a needle factory in China.

After fully automating the acupuncture production line, he used his expertise in needle making and applied it to the tattoo industry.

The next chapter began by wholesaling individual tattoo needles in boxes of 1000. 

World's first

Pre-grouped Needles

Old school tattoo artists will remember the days when they had to spend hours grouping needles and soldering them onto the needle bar.

A painstakingly slow process but essential. TCM needles were an instant hit and sales rapidly increased.

Soon after and to save the tattoo artists time and effort, TCM began pre-grouping the needles into configurations.

The world’s first pre-grouped needles were born and TCM began selling them to all of the tattoo supply companies.


Tattoo Supply

For the artists this meant countless hours of manual work was saved.

All they now had to  do was solder the heads onto needle bars and sterilize them. A huge step forward. TCM then went one step further.

Why not solder the needle heads onto bars and sterilize them for the customers?

It was then under the name of Worldwide Tattoo Supply the first blister packed sterile ready to use tattoo needles were created. Now an industry standard.

A full line up of tattoo equipment soon followed and we have branches in the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam, U.K. and our production facility in China.

We are proud to have been in the industry for over 30 years and will continue to innovate and promote the industry and all of its extraordinary artists.