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The question ‘how much will my tattoo cost?’ is probably one of the most commonly asked when it comes to tattoos – especially by those who are considering getting their first piece done. The reality though is that costs can vary and are dependent on a number of factors.

Here, we’ve taken a closer look at what these factors are. To give you more information, we’ve also explained about the different pricing you can expect to encounter when getting your tattoo.

The setup, skill and experience of the artist

One of the biggest contributing factors towards the cost of your tattoo will be down to the particular artist you choose. More specifically, if they are highly skilled and experienced, then it’s likely they’ll be more popular and ultimately they have the credentials to charge more.

On top of this, if they have a quality setup including professional tattoo equipment, a wide variety of tattoo ink sets and other tattoo supplies, it may also increase the costs.

The tattoo piece itself

The size, complexity and scale of the design you choose for your tattoo is another major contributor towards the overall cost. Some artists may be able to give you a price based purely on the original design you present them, but a good rule of thumb is the bigger and more detailed your piece is, the longer it will take and the more it’ll cost.

What’s more, if you struggle with the pain of getting a tattoo, a more complex piece may become more expensive than you first thought because you will probably need additional sessions to get it finished.

The prices of a tattoo

You should also consider the rates that the artist charges, as it’s more than likely they’ll charge an hourly rate with a minimum one-hour fee. Moreover, this rate may also even apply for smaller, simpler designs because ultimately the artist has overheads to cover for things like their shop, any staff they have and their general tattoo equipment like ink, needles and sterilisation facilities.

The added extras when getting a tattoo

While you have a choice with the following added extras, you may also want to factor in things like leaving a tip for the artist, or perhaps buying something to eat or drink if you’re sitting for longer tattooing sessions.

Your location

One of the last considerations you should make with the cost of your tattoo is your location – as ultimately, the artist’s rates will need to reflect the living costs of the area they’re operating in.

A simple way to look at it is that in busy city centres (which will have higher rents and living costs) an artist will likely have higher rates than those in quieter, suburban locations. In addition, the popularity of the city itself can also lead to higher prices – in London for instance, you may end up paying £50-£100 more per hour than cities in the north like Leeds and Manchester.

Final thoughts

So, as you can see with the above, there isn’t a simple answer to the question ‘how much will my tattoo cost?’, it’s more about how much you’ll be willing to pay.

At the same time – and despite the fact you might end up paying a premium price – it’s always a good idea to choose an experienced, trusted and popular tattoo artist, as you’re more likely to come away with a quality finished tattoo that you’re truly happy with, which in the end will give you value for money.

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